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Welcome to HIGO

Every visit at Higo is a unique experience in the world of the Nikkei cuisine. Nikkei is grounded in centuries of culinary history, weaving the influence of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines.  

Using the finest organic ingredients cultivated in our restaurant and seasonally inspired produce, we offer an exciting, fresh interpretation of Nikkei dishes. We offer a wide range of culinary creations for everyone, including lots of vegetarian options.  

We make sure that every minute detail is being taken care of so that you feel relaxed, joyful and at ease. Dine or lunch at our outdoor terrace garden and enjoy the beautiful views over the balearic sea and the harbour of Santa Eulalia.    

Higo offers a row of seats and tables along it's V-shaped bar right in front of the kitchen, close to the action. Our passionate bartenders create the perfect cocktails that will muddle flavours of both regions.  

Whether you visit us for a romantic dinner or a drink at the outdoor terrace, our team is always there for you! Reservations can be made here.


100% organic Microgreens

At Higo we want everyone to enjoy our gastronomic experience. We cultivate our own microgreens whether it is basil, radish or wheatgrass, we cultivate over more than 40 herbs in our restaurant. Microgreens not only take less time to grow when compared to their mature counterparts, but are denser in nutritional content. They’re as healthy as they are flavourful. 


You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy a meat-free fine dining experience. We want to bring the best of high quality gastronomy to everyone. Higo offers a wide range vegetarian dishes, dishes are artful constructions with subtle Japanese and Peruvian influences and a signature vegetarian dish is the Eggplant from the Robata grill in smoked yoghurt with walnuts, padron peppers and microgreens.


Dine between the banana and palm trees with views over the balearic see. We have a large corner terrace that is covered by bamboo and sunscreens.


Higo offers a wide variety of cocktails. Our bartenders will create a spectacle at your table.


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